APS Data Science Education Community of Practice

I am an APS DSECOP Fellow, which is associated with the APS Group of Data Science. Five other fellows and I have been working to develop coursework aimed at undergraduates in topics such as machine learning and data science. The aim is that these modules could be integrated as-is (or with minimal changes) into existing physics courses such that undergraduates can be exposed to machine learning in a practical setting as early as possible.

The module that I have been working on is called Introduction to Data Processing, and it covers basics topics such as creating histograms, curve fitting the distributions, and evaluating the goodness-of-fit. If you would like to use my module in your course, or if you have any suggestions about improvements or additions to the module, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Interative notebooks explaining physics phenomena

I am working on a series of interactive jupyter / google colab notebooks to teach interesting phenomena in physics at the upper high school / lower undergraduate level. My goal is that each notebook takes no longer than an hour (ideally half of that) to go through.