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  1. Self-supervised Anomaly Detection for New Physics
    Dillon, Barry M., Mastandrea, Radha, and Nachman, Benjamin
    May 2022
  2. Hunting for vampires and other unlikely forms of parity violation at the Large Hadron Collider
    Lester, Christopher G., Mastandrea, Radha, Noel, Daniel, and Tombs, Rupert
    May 2022
  3. Tracing Milky Way substructure with an RR Lyrae hierarchical clustering forest
    Cook, Brian T, Woods, Deborah F, Ruprecht, Jessica D, Varey, Jacob, Mastandrea, Radha, de Soto, Kaylee, Harburg, Jacob F, Rebbapragada, Umaa, and Mahabal, Ashish A
    Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society Apr 2022


  1. Exploring the Space of Jets with CMS Open Data
    Komiske, Patrick T., Mastandrea, Radha, Metodiev, Eric M., Naik, Preksha, and Thaler, Jesse
    Phys. Rev. D Apr 2020