conference talks

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  1. The Interplay of Machine Learning-based Resonant Anomaly Detection Methods
    ML4Jets (also at Hammers and Nails),
    DESY Nov 2023
  2. FETA: Flow-Enhanced Transport for Anomaly Detection
    APS April Meeting,
    Minneapolis Apr 2023


  1. HEP-Sim2Real: creating background templates with normalizing flows
    Rutgers University Nov 2022
  2. Using symmetries to build better latent spaces for dijet representation learning
    APS April Meeting,
    New York Apr 2022


  1. Exploring the Parity of the Quark-Sector mSME with MadGraph
    Fourth Summer School on the Lorentz- and CPT-violating Standard-Model Extension,
    ICUSS May 2021


  1. Analyzing CMS Open Collider Data through Topic Modeling
    BOOST Physics Workshop,
    MIT Jul 2019


  1. Jet Analysis with the CMS Open Data
    Greater Boston Undergraduate Research Conference,
    MIT Nov 2018


  1. Testing Parameterized Theories of General Relativity using Gravitational Waves
    APS New England Section Meeting,
    URI Oct 2017